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Saturday Apr 01, 2023

Free 6 Months of Spotify Premium

Whether you are a college student or an adult, Spotify is a fantastic music streaming service that can help you find the perfect song. It’s also free for six months, so you can get a feel for whether you like it before you commit to purchasing it.


Whether you’re a Spotify fan or an Xbox enthusiast, you should know about the new offer from Microsoft and Spotify. This deal will allow you to try out both of the services for a free six-month period. The deal is only available for a limited time, so make sure to take advantage of it before it’s gone.

Spotify Premium is a subscription service that offers ad-free music streaming and downloadable songs. It also includes Hulu and Showtime. You can download tracks and save them for offline listening, as well as enjoy unlimited skips. The offer is not available for existing Spotify users, though.

You can get a free trial of Spotify Premium through Microsoft Rewards. You’ll receive a one-time code to use on the Spotify website. You’ll need to redeem it within 10 days. You’ll also need to use a valid payment method to claim the free trial.

Spotify Premium offers you the ability to download music, listen to music without advertisements, and save tracks to listen to offline. You can even use the app in the background of your games. It’s a great way to discover new music.

You can also get three months of Spotify Premium free with your Xbox One or Xbox Series X. If you’re a Samsung Galaxy owner, you can also take advantage of this offer.


OnePlus is offering a free six-month subscription to Spotify Premium. The offer is available to Red Cable Club members. In order to qualify for the offer, you will need to have a Red Cable Club membership and link your OnePlus account to the Red Cable Club.

To qualify for the offer, you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions. You can then claim the offer by going to the Red Club option in Settings. Once you click on that option, you will be directed to the page where you can enter your OnePlus account and activate the free trial. You can also click on the Free Spotify premium banner and select “Activate Free Trial”.

Once you have completed the steps, you will be able to enjoy a 6-month subscription to Spotify Premium. During that time, you will be able to enjoy 320 KBPS audio with high quality audio. This plan includes a download option, offline listening, and group sessions. You can also enjoy the ad-free experience.

Spotify is a popular streaming music service. It provides millions of songs and podcast titles. It is also known for its very high quality audio. It is available for Rs 119 per month in India.

Amazon India

During the Great Indian Festival Sale, Amazon India is offering free six months of Spotify Premium subscription. However, there are some rules that you must meet to qualify for the offer.

To receive the free Spotify Premium subscription, you must purchase at least one item from Amazon India during the Great Indian Festival Sale. Once you buy the item, you will receive an email with a coupon code. You must use the coupon code before it expires. You can also enter to win a year of Spotify Premium by making a purchase on Amazon India’s website.

Spotify Premium is a subscription service that provides access to millions of songs and podcasts. You can stream music to your computer or mobile device. Depending on the plan, you can download up to 10,000 songs per device. You can also share songs with up to five friends.

This offer is only valid for Amazon India users who have never subscribed to Spotify Premium before. To qualify, you must have an Amazon email id. You also need to make an electronic purchase of at least Rs 5,000. Amazon Prime subscribers who make a purchase of less than Rs 5,000 will receive three months of free Spotify Premium.


Having access to the latest in music is important for many. One way to do this is through a premium music service. Spotify offers two types of accounts. A free account with limited skips and periodic commercials, and a paid Premium account that provides access to millions of songs.

The Premium plan includes an ad-free music listening experience. Users can also save songs for offline playback. The service also allows users to share playlists with friends. Moreover, users can purchase premium plans that include access to ad-supported Hulu and Showtime plans.

There are also free trials for premium plans. These offers vary from company to company. Some may only give you a few days to test out the service, while others may be valid for a full month.

You can also save money on your subscription by using coupons. These are typically a bit more difficult to find. However, they can save you a lot of money. These coupons may also be available on social media or through other sites.

Another option is to purchase discounted gift cards. These cards are typically digital and can save you up to 4.5% off your bill.

Some retailers also offer cash back deals. For example, Rite Aid offers a rebate of up to 3% of your purchase. You can also sign up for cash back apps like Cashback Club and EarnBack. These apps can also help you find Spotify deals.

Pandora Premium

Using Pandora Premium, you can create playlists, hear the songs you want, and download them for offline listening. It is available on Android and iOS devices, Roku, Sonos, and Google Home. It offers a high-quality audio experience and is ad-free.

In addition to the usual features, you can create algorithmic stations that automatically complete playlists. You can also add songs that have similar lyrics or genres to your playlist. If you’re not a music buff, you can also listen to Pandora’s classic rock radio station, which includes songs such as “Hotel California” by Eagles and “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield.

Pandora is also making strides in the music discovery department. For example, it has added 40+ million songs to its library. It uses a special algorithm to introduce new content to users.

You can also upload playlists on Pandora. It is easy to get started with the service and its user interface is easy to understand. You can also get the Pandora app for MacOS and Windows, as well as the web version.

The free trial of Pandora Premium is a good way to try out the service. You can get a month of free access and you will be charged $9.99 a month once the trial period ends.

Students enrolled at an accredited higher education institution

Those who are currently enrolled in an accredited higher education institution can take advantage of the Spotify student discount. It allows users to get access to millions of songs and ad-free shows. The discount is valid for a maximum of four years, after which the account will automatically switch to the Premium plan at the standard price.

Before you can sign up for the student discount, you’ll need to verify your enrollment. You can check your student status on the Spotify website. Then you’ll need to provide your school information, including your name, college, and student ID number.

Once you confirm your student status, you’ll be able to start listening to music immediately. After you’re enrolled in the student discount, you’ll receive a free three-month trial subscription of Spotify Premium.

After that, you’ll be automatically charged $5 per month for the plan. During this time, you can cancel your subscription anytime. If you want to continue using the premium service, you’ll need to pay the full price.

When you sign up for the student discount, you’ll also be able to get a free subscription to Hulu (ad-supported). During this time, you’ll also be able to watch a variety of popular TV shows and documentaries.

Avoid downloading third-party software on your devices

Whether you’re using an Android, iPhone, iPad or any other device, you can avoid downloading third-party software. These apps can cause device crashes, malware, spyware and even personal information theft.

When you sign up for a free trial of Spotify, you won’t be charged. However, if you want to continue using Spotify after your trial period is up, you’ll have to sign up for a Premium subscription.

Spotify Premium is a subscription service that allows you to download songs, albums, and playlists to listen to offline. The service offers a variety of features, including ad-free on-demand access to over 80 million songs. It also includes ad-free access to 4 million podcast titles.

Spotify offers a Premium tier for $16 for up to six people. It is also available for a discounted rate for students. If you’re a student, you can get a $4.99-per-month subscription. It is also available for free to AT&T Unlimited &MORE(tm) Premium customers.

You can also download Spotify songs to your computer and import them into Spotify. However, you may encounter problems when downloading songs. This is because Spotify may not allow you to save them.

If you’re using a desktop, you can fix the problem by disabling your antivirus or firewall. Alternatively, you can use Ondesoft Spotify Converter to download songs to M4A, MP3, WAV, FLAC or other output formats.

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